Birth Kit

Rebecca’s birth kit can be purchased through In His Hands at the following link:

Please plan to purchase your birth kit by 33 weeks to have it on hand for the 34 week home visit. You may look through the birth supplies when they arrive, but please put them back in the box and leave them in there until your midwife needs them at the birth! Thank you!

If you end up not using your birth kit for any reason, I will buy it back from you for the full cost. Please don’t substitute your own supplies for those in the birth kit. If finances are a problem, let me know—but each of the items in the kit serves a very specific purpose! Even if you already have trash bags, etc, around, the ones in the birth kit are very specific to what we need and they are very reasonably priced.


Optional Items and Why You May Want Them


Herbal After Birth Bath
It’s a wonderful way to clean up and relax after giving birth. If you would like to take the herb bath, just add it to the kit and your birth team will take care of preparing the bath for you so all you have to do is get into it 1.5-2 hours after birth!


Mattress Bag
A quick and easy way to protect your mattress from amniotic fluid, meconium, or blood. If you choose not to use this mattress bag, make sure you get another mattress protector for your bed, even if you aren’t planning on giving birth on it! It can be as simple as a large vinyl tablecloth secured under a fitted sheet.


Hydrogen Peroxide
You are free to use a bottle you already have (or buy locally), but it’s a really good idea having some peroxide on hand. It works amazingly well for getting any blood out of laundry, carpets, or bedding.


Birth Pool in a Box Pool Liner – Mini Size
If you are planning a water birth and want to use my pool, this is the liner you need to purchase to ensure a sanitary birth and easy clean-up. I know the generic liner is very tempting at $20 less, but trust me when I tell you that you will most likely regret buying it. It’s very oversized, crinkly, and uncomfortable to rest against. I have also seen it have big holes which make it completely unusable.


Water Birth Net
Poop happens. And so does bloody show and mucus. And that’s completely okay and doesn’t phase midwives one bit, but obviously you don’t want to be surrounded by floaters as you give birth to your baby. So just buy this little net and we’ll all pretend it never happened 😉
Yes, if you have an unused, brand new aquarium net lying around, you may put that with your birth supplies. But nothing that’s been used before—you don’t want your newborn exposed to unnecessary bacteria.
(Another word about poop, because I know it’s something I spent a lot of time worrying about as a first time mom: We love poop! It’s actually a good sign, it means baby is moving down and making room to fit through! Please don’t try to hold the poop in, because that means you’re also holding your baby in and dragging labor out longer..).


Water Hose
You may buy this with your birth kit for convenience, or you can find one elsewhere. Amazon and Walmart both have good prices on them. Just make sure it’s a drinking-water safe hose to avoid leeching harmful chemicals into the water your baby will be born into. And it absolutely needs to be new! If your friend has a hose from her waterbirth, realize that it was also used to pump the dirty (bloody, poopy) water out of her pool after the birth. Even if it was rinsed with bleach.. A long, dark, moist hose is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. A baby in Texas recently died of Legionellosis after a waterbirth, and it’s just not a risk I’m willing to take for the sake of a $10 hose.


Shower Hose Adapter
Your hose may be able to attach directly to your shower pipe. If not, this adapter is often the simplest way to attach your hose to a warm water source for your pool. Alternatively, you can find varying sizes of faucet-to-hose adapters at home improvement and plumbing stores to connect the hose to a nearby kitchen or bathroom sink.


Bio-K-Mulsion Oral Vitamin K
If you are planning on waiving the Vitamin K injection for your newborn and want to supplement with oral Vitamin K drops instead, this is the brand typically recommended. You may purchase it along with your birth kit if you have already made your decision on Vitamin K supplementation, or wait until later in your pregnancy if you haven’t. More information can be found on the Vitamin K handout in your client notebook or the website’s Client Access page.


Available cheaper directly from me, just ask 🙂
It’s very normal and good to have strong cramping for a day or two after giving birth (it’s what’s keeping you from hemorrhaging!). It can be painful, especially for moms who have given birth a time or two before. Afterease is an herbal tincture which can help relieve some of that pain, and you may start taking it 12 hours after giving birth. Until then (or alternatively), ibuprofen is also a good pain reliever.


Evening Primrose Oil, 1,300 mg
An herbal oil to soften the cervix for easier dilation. I recommend that first-time moms and VBAC moms start taking this after 35 weeks, just to make sure the cervix opens evenly during labor. I have never seen it cause labor, but I have also never seen any correlation with possible negative side effects. As with anything else, it’s completely your decision, but I believe it can be quite beneficial for cervices which haven’t opened completely before or which may have scarring caused by an IUD, LEEP procedure, D&C, etc.


Pad Overnight Cream Non-Sterile
These are large OB pads which can handle the amount of blood typically lost in the first day or two after birth. You’re welcome to use your own, but some women prefer to get just a few through instead of buying an entire pack at a local store.


Stretch Brief
These usually feel much better than actual underwear on a sore perineum for the first few days after birth, and you don’t have to worry about staining them. Stock up on these or order additional Depends (1 is already in the required list of birth kit items) if you like. (If the idea of wearing Depends gives you the heeby-jeebies, you can delete them from the birth kit and order at least one stretch brief and pad instead!)


A wonderful blend of soothing essential oils which you can add to warm water in your peri bottle to rinse with postpartum instead of toilet paper. If you tear, this will feel especially nice and will encourage faster healing.


Peri Cold Pack
Even without tearing, most women struggle with a sore perineum postpartum. It can be so nice to pop one of these packs against the perineum after the birth (or make your own using suggestions from the Birth Supplies handout!)


Newborn T-Shirt
If you want to show off your baby’s birthplace, this is a cute shirt to do it with. Other options can be found through


Blood Typing Kit – Eldoncard
Buy this if you want me to check your baby’s blood type postpartum using his/her cord blood so baby doesn’t have to get poked. If you are Rh- and wanting to waive the Rhogam injection, this is required.