Placenta Encapsulation Services

Available to Clients Only!

There is much anecdotal evidence that placenta encapsulation can prevent postpartum depression, increase energy, and increase milk supply for new moms. Because it’s not something any big companies can make money off of, there simply isn’t much research on the subject, however. I highly recommend looking into encapsulating your placenta, or at least letting us put it in your freezer so that you can use it if you end up needing it!

how to encapsulate your own placenta

Do It Yourself ~ $25-50

How to Encapsulate Your Own Placenta – It’s really not hard to do yourself, although I recommend you give this job to Dad or your mom/sister/best friend.


Let Me Do It – $150

I offer placenta encapsulation services to my own clients only. I take it home with me from the birth and am usually able to have it completed for you by the time I come back for the home visit.