Birth Services and Rates

What Care Includes


Comprehensive midwifery care includes:

• complete prenatal care at the office, typically beginning between 8-12 weeks, including appointments every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until the birth of your baby

• a prenatal home visit at 36 weeks to ensure I know where you live and that adequate preparations have been made for homebirth

nutritional counseling, risk assessment, some diagnostic testing

labor support including monitoring vitals of mother and baby, managing the birth of the baby and placenta, newborn exam, and monitoring the condition of mother and baby until stable

• 1-2 student midwives to assist me during your labor and birth

postpartum care including a home visit at 2 days, and office visits at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks

newborn screening, hearing screening, and CCDH screening

breastfeeding support and family planning consultation

24/7 phone support for urgent matters

• Filing the birth certificate and social security

Want to know about what care with homebirth midwives looks like?
Click here for a detailed description of prenatal care visits, what exactly happens at the birth, postpartum care, and how your midwives would handle a complication or emergency.

What’s Not Included

Care does not include:

• fees for lab work, diagnostic ultrasound, chiropractic care, physician consultation, hospital care (usually covered by insurance).
• the cost of supplements and vitamins
• birth supply kit
• RhoGam immunoglobulin injection (needed for negative blood types only) (again, usually covered by insurance)

We offer a cash discount on labs: $145 including OB panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, HIV testing, urine culture, glucose testing, repeat CBC, and Group B Strep culture.

Additional labs such as progesterone and HCG testing in early pregnancy are also available at discount rates.

Payment Plans, Options, and Discounts

Checks, cash, credit cards, and PayPal are all accepted. Most HSAs will cover midwifery services as well.

Insurance billing is available: click here to read more about how to get your insurance to cover your dream homebirth!

Flexible payment plans available. It is my desire to make homebirth accessible to everyone in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, regardless of income.
Don’t be afraid to ask about your circumstances, we just may be able to work something out!

Stackable discounts:
$500 discount for allowing one of my students to be your primary midwife under my supervision
$200 early-pay discount

Global Birth Fee (Self-Pay)


Flexible Payments
  • Make flexible payments until 6 months postpartum

$500 Student Discount


flexible payments
  • Make flexible payments until 6 months postpartum
  • An advanced student leads your care, always under my direct supervision

$200 Early Pay Discount


Paid in Full
  • Pay in full by 20 weeks
  • $500 student discount
  • $200 early pay discount also available by itself

Birth Center Fee


Additional Facility Fee
  • Labor and birth in a beautiful home away from home
  • Can be paired with any previous discount