Getting Homebirth Covered by Insurance

If you have health insurance: you can submit your verification of benefits through the following website. The provider PIN is 16548.

click here to access VOB form

A frequently asked question about homebirth is whether insurance will cover the cost. Unfortunately, there are no cut and dried answers to this question. What and how much is covered varies greatly, depending on the insurance company, the specific plan, and even the customer service representative you happen to get on the phone! A VOB ($20) greatly reduces the guess-work, and gives you an overview of estimated out-of-pocket percentages, deductibles, and co-pays.

You can either have the superbill to file for your own reimbursement postpartum (free), or use our biller who specializes in helping midwives and homebirth clients get insurance claims approved. There are no guarantees, but billing companies are typically much more successful at getting your insurance company to cover at least some of the costs involved.

How Does it Work?
You will be required to pay your estimated out-of-pocket cost by 36 weeks. If for some reason your insurance does not pay as much as they said they would, additional payments may need to be made postpartum.

Verification of Benefits (VOB):
A VOB is obtained at the start of prenatal care. The biller will contact your insurance company and gather your cost-shares for in- and out-of-network. They will make an exception request to benefit you. For example; out-of-network referrals, prior authorizations or in-network GAP. All information will be emailed to you. Keep in mind there are some plans that won’t allow the out-of-network provider to make the request.

VOB fee: $20
Billing: Included in global maternity fee