Aavalyn's Home Birth Story


new baby born at home in tulsaSometime after putting my son to sleep for the night, I used the restroom and saw that my mucus plug had started to break! It was very faint but I still knew this was it our baby would be coming soon! After going over my due date finally seeing things get started was both exciting and frightening!
I texted Rebecca before going to bed that night to let her know and fell asleep around 11pm. I woke up sometime around 4-4:15 am from contractions that would last just a short time so I'd roll over thinking it wasn't a big deal and start falling back asleep only to be woken up by another contraction!

So after keeping me and my husband up I told him I was going to text Rebecca and asked him to get a warm bath going so I could labor in it like I had for the early stages of my son's birth.

My mucus plug came out while in the water and the contractions slowed slightly for a bit before picking back up to every 2 minutes apart but I was still able to easily talk through them.

My husband sat beside me pouring water over my belly each time a sweet tulsa home birth babycontraction would hit. At 5:30 I asked Rebecca to come on over.tulsa homebirth sibling love
Just before 6 I decided to get out and try laboring on our bed, only to find that it just was not comfortable this time around! (I labored in bed with my son's birth and eventually had him on my hands and knees, which is what I was expecting to do again!)

After moving around I found sitting on the floor between contractions and leaning against our bed, while my husband pressed on my lower back and hips, helped me the most. Since I hadn't slept much the night before and that night before the contractions hit I was pretty tired quickly.
tulsa midwife rebecca weighing baby after homebirthRebecca got there around the same time and set everything up while I continued to labor with my husband's help.

As the contractions got longer and more intense Rebecca's calm voice and words really helped me to breath and get through the pain. I needed that very much!! (Thanks Rebecca! )

My husband's support and touch was something that I could NOT have gone without! Especially when I finally felt the need to push! No position I tried was comfortable enough to push until I stood up right and leaned back and let my husband support my weight, when I did this I pushed once and felt my daughter coming.

Rebecca told me to lean forward to help her come out and with that same push I got her head out! It was odd feeling her still there and I was quite confused until Rebecca told me to push one more time and with my second big push (along with my second blood curdling scream!) our little Aavalyn was welcomed into the world at 8:03 in the morning on June 17 2016!

Rebecca was a WONDERFUL choice for a midwife, and I hope you'd seriously consider using her! 🙂

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